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Octopath Traveler: Read This Before Choosing Your First Character

This web page incorporates issues the sport does not inform you for gamers starting their adventure in Octopath Traveler.

The sport’s major promoting level, Octopath Traveler options eight separate characters and storylines for the ones characters. Whilst you’ll upload any of the eight in your birthday party afterward within the recreation, the primary one you select to start your adventure with is locked into your birthday party till you entire their tale. That is 4 chapters in, which is able to most probably take about 8 hours to finish a unmarried tale – no longer together with the time spent bouncing between different personality’s tale quests. Make a selection properly!

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Here’s a description of each and every personality, with some recommendation on the backside of this phase. Click on on a personality’s identify to be informed extra.

Ophilia is a cleric inquisitive about therapeutic with spells. She has the Information Trail Motion, which permits her to take NPC’s along with her after which Summon them in fight.

Cyrus is a student targeted in elemental spell assaults. His Scrutinize Trail Motion gleans knowledge from NPC’s, and the Learn about ability finds foes weaknesses in fight, which could be very helpful bearing in mind how fight works.

Tressa is a service provider with combined abilities. Her Acquire Trail Motion we could her purchase pieces from NPC’s that you just typically can not acquire from. The Eye for Cash ability lets you select up unfastened trade left via fans whilst touring.

Olberic is a warrior inquisitive about melee fight. His Problem Trail Motion we could him duel NPC’s, and his Bolster Protection ability lets you spice up whilst protecting to give protection to in opposition to bold blows.

Primrose is a dancer who has a combination set of abilities, a few of which focal point on buffing the birthday party. Her Attract Trail Motion we could her take NPC’s along with her, and the Summon ability permits her to name upon the ones NPC’s in fight.

Alfyn is an apothecary inquisitive about therapeutic with pieces. His Inquire Trail Motion we could him glean knowledge from NPC’s. The Concoct ability permits him to create potions and different components to help allies in fight.

Therion is a thief targeted in melee. His Scouse borrow Trail Motion we could him take pieces from NPC’s, and the Pick out Lock ability permits him to open locked chests.

H’annit is a hunter inquisitive about bodily assaults the use of the awl and bow. Her Galvanize Trail Motion we could her duel NPC’s along with her beast, and the Seize ability permits her to seize enemy beasts for use later in fight. This makes her very versatile.

Each and every one starts their adventure at a special location at the map sooner than venturing into the broader global. All are viable, so learn each and every personality’s biography and make a selection the only maximum compelling to you. And be mindful one of the most different personality’s characteristics as smartly. It’ll compel you to come to a decision which ones to head upload in your staff first.

We propose opting for Therion or Cyrus as your starter. Therion can scouse borrow HP and SP from objectives saving you using pieces for that function and Cyrus’ talent to discern weaknesses and his sweeping elemental assaults are nice for starting spaces.

Do not be concerned, each and every personality’s backstory and starting phase in their adventure is playable as you are making your manner via Osterra.

That being stated, it doesn’t matter what personality you select to make use of at first of Octopath Traveler, the sport eases you into battles with that protagonist. Maximum early enemies are susceptible to the strengths of the corresponding personality within the close by town. This offers no personality any aggressive early recreation benefit over some other, so make a selection whichever personality’s tale is maximum compelling to you.


Enemies at the box additionally scale with what number of characters you upload in your birthday party. Early within the recreation, you’ll see a ways fewer enemies than you probably have a four individual birthday party.

After you end the prologue on your selected protagonist, your first steps into Ostera shall be at the mission of discovering teammates from the roster of the opposite 7 characters within the recreation.


You are also given the solution to watch and play the creation to each and every personality. So no wish to get started eight other video games.

Which you select first is as much as you, however even if you wish to move it by myself, you probably will not be able to proceed your protagonist’s story as a result of…

After you end the Prologue of any of the characters, you’ll be able to see the standing of the following location they are going to commute to proceed their tale. Then again, in each and every case, the extent advice a ways exceeds your present degree. It is moderately obtrusive the sport is main you into including different characters in your birthday party.


The prologues of each and every personality additionally scale in issue. The problem of including your 4th personality shall be harder than your 2d and so forth.

Each and every personality starts the sport as a definite elegance – or Task, as they’re referred to as in Octopath Traveler A personality’s activity dictates what guns they use, and what abilities and talents they bring about into fight.


As you start exploring the arena, be in search of eight shrines at the map you’ll move to and be told secondary jobs that each and every birthday party member can take to be informed further abilities on most sensible in their preliminary activity. Those shrines necessarily let your characters tackle roles typically held via some of the different 7 birthday party contributors – however just one individual can dangle a particular secondary activity at a time.

For instance, H’annit has the Hunter as her number one Task. Upon discovering the Shrine to be informed the Dancer as a secondary Task, H’annit can grow to be a Hunter/Dancer and use either one of their talents in fight, along Primrose who may be a Dancer as her number one Task. Then again, whilst H’annit is the use of the Dancer Task, a personality like Ophilia can not. Fortunately, secondary jobs will also be swapped round each time you might be on the tavern.

There also are four complicated jobs present in degree 50 dungeons with very laborious bosses.

Octopath Traveler does a tight activity at instructing you the fundamentals of fight, however coming into the grit of it may be a bit of more difficult.


Whilst nonetheless a standard JRPG in some ways, Octopath Traveler places its personal distinctive spin on the whole lot, together with fight. Change into conversant in its nuances and format for fight to achieve the most efficient strategic benefit on this device.

The ones conversant in the Bravely Default video games will acknowledge that some an identical components are right here – characters acquire Fight Issues (BP) whilst attacking continuously or protecting – as much as a most of five. To your flip, you’ll burn up BP not to best deal extra injury, however assault a number of occasions – which will also be very important for breaking the guard of a foe – or unleashing much more tough abilities when that foe’s guard is damaged.

An enemies guard can best be decreased with guns they’re susceptible to – which you’ll both expose via experimenting with other assault sorts, or having a Pupil on your birthday party to expose those weaknesses

If an assault lands that lowers an enemy’s guard to zero, they are going to be shocked and be not able to make use of their subsequent transfer, permitting you to disrupt their fight and deal extra injury for the spherical they’re shocked

Take a look at our Fight Information for an entire breakdown of fight.

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