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Nicki Minaj gave 30 lovers cash in opposition to their faculty bills.

God save the “Queen” — Nicki Minaj’s new album is right here.

Minaj gave the impression on Apple Music’s Beats 1 to roll out her fourth studio album track-by tune on Friday morning, with the album losing at midday.

“I am not best exhausted and delusional, however I am getting to be are living with you guys and cross over my album,” she joked on-air, announcing she pulled an all-nighter to prep for her album unlock.

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The tracklist contains earlier singles “Chun-Li,” “Mattress” and “Wealthy Intercourse” and a stacked visitor record of options from artists together with Ariana Grande, Long term, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Cunning Brown, The Weeknd and Swae Lee.

Her first studio album since 2014’s “The Pinkprint,” “Queen” marks a big go back for the rapper. See how every track stacks up in our track-by-track information under.

1. ‘Ganja Burns’

What a great summer time hit this would’ve been for Minaj. This track merits to have soundtracked each sweaty dance ground this season, its island vibes as mellow as its name suggests, save for this best possible Instagram-caption-ready drag of a verse: “You made one dope beat, now you Kanye? / You were given a (expletive) named Jay, now you ‘Yonce? / You were given about 3 stacks, now you Andre? / You place a component to your fade, oh you Nas, bae?”

2. ‘Majesty’ (feat. Eminem and Labrinth)

“Majesty” isn’t essentially a band track, however its jauntily folksy refrain and confounding Eminem verse carry extra questions than solutions — basically, why does this sound like Twenty One Pilots? Premiering the track on Beats 1, Minaj informed listeners that Eminem’s verse would “cross down in historical past as probably the most ideally suited verses within the historical past of rap,” making the vintage mistake of conflating rapping this is speedy with rapping this is excellent. Sadly, for Nicki and for everybody listening, Eminem’s rapid-fire verse is extra Karmin than Busta Rhymes.

three. ‘Barbie Desires’

Bear in mind a couple of years in the past, when Kendrick Lamar launched “Keep an eye on” and innocently dissed a host of his rap friends, and the Web went nuts? Do Nicki Minaj the similar courtesy, and cross as it should be insane over “Barbie Desires,” a track that you simply don’t even need to make it midway into to grasp that it is going to outline her new album’s legacy. Minaj will have long past on hiatus, however she’s obviously been taking notes on her male hip-hop opposite numbers. She flips The Infamous B.I.G.’s “Desires” beat and unloads the best run of insults we’ve heard this decade. Put “Barbie Desires” in a time tablet for its best possible encapsulation of each dumb hip-hop drama we have been speaking about in 2018. Simply put it within the Smithsonian.

four. ‘Wealthy Intercourse’ (feat. Lil Wayne)

“Wealthy Intercourse” wasn’t a in particular memorable unmarried and is much more forgettable on a tracklist subsequent to “Barbie Desires.” Simply pay attention to any choice of the Nicki/Wayne songs that exist already as a substitute.

five. ‘Onerous White’

“Had I approved the pickle juice, I’d be ingesting pickle juice presently,” Minaj as soon as famously mentioned about challenging recognize for her paintings. She’s in that very same mode on “Onerous White,” as she boasts about jetsetting to Paris in luxurious whilst reminding listeners how she were given there. “I used to paintings laborious simply to get part again,” she says at the refrain. “Now I am attending to it that manner / I ain’t coming thru except the bag instantly.”

6. ‘Mattress’ (feat. Ariana Grande)

“Mattress” sees Minaj and Grande of their respective pop seductress modes, and taking into account how steadily the 2 artists collaborate, they have got their roles down pat — Grande, the blameless lamb, and Minaj, the assertive lion. “I were given a mattress along with your title on it,” Grande coos as Minaj runs thru come-ons about thousand-dollar sheets and males’s sweatpants, making for any other “Queen” unmarried that doesn’t moderately rank a number of the album’s ideally suited tracks.

7. ‘Idea I Knew You’ (feat. The Weeknd)

It’s an unlucky incontrovertible fact that each rapper’s Weeknd collaboration sounds as regards to the similar, taking into account you’ll’t get Abel Tesfaye to articulate a cheerful concept or sing the rest that’s now not a minor key melody over cold synths. “Idea I Knew You” is not any other, as Minaj and Tesfaye industry moody vocals over a entice beat that provides the track some semblance of a pulse.

eight. ‘Run & Cover’

Minaj is in a similar fashion in her emotions at the softer-sung “Run & Cover” — evidence that she and her former friend Drake be afflicted by the similar sorts of famous-person consider problems, as heard at the track’s refrain: “’Purpose it is been a minute since I relied on any individual / ‘Purpose I do not ever put my consider in no person / I hate to image you out (expletive) any individual / So I do not ever put my consider in no person.”

nine. ‘Chun Swae’ (feat. Swae Lee)

This track certainly didn’t want to be six mins lengthy, however there’s one thing hypnotic about manufacturer Metro Boomin’s plinking beat, sounding like a deranged track field with Swae Lee’s boy-choir falsetto and Minaj’s baby-voiced rapping. Simply press skip prior to the track reaches its long and needless outro.

10. ‘Chun-Li’

The top-performing advance unmarried from “Queen,” “Chun-Li” would possibly not cross down as Minaj’s maximum iconic unmarried, nevertheless it’s nowhere close to an unwelcome inclusion at the album.

11. ‘LLC’

From Beyonce preaching the significance of fairness on “Apes**t” to Nicki Minaj making us all Google what LLC method, 2018 is a yr of father queens preaching fiscal accountability. “LLC” is a banger with a message — ditch your rich male benefactor and make your cash give you the results you want — and  “I simply took her title and made the (expletive) a LLC” is among the ideally suited choruses of the album.

12. ‘Excellent Shape’

“Excellent Shape” is height Nicki bravado — chest puffing and specific — and a becoming counterpart to “LLC,” as a couple of tracks with the stinging lyricisms and bratty flows at which Minaj excels.

13. ‘Nip Tuck’

“Snip, snip, hit the nip tuck on you,” Minaj raps a few guy she’s seeking to reduce from her lifestyles on a filler tune that possibly must’ve been reduce from the album.

14. ‘2 Lit 2 Overdue Interlude’

Minaj joins the lengthy record of rap and R&B artists responsible of inexplicably taking one in every of their album’s best-sounding tracks, chopping it in part and making it an interlude. “2 Lit Too Overdue” has a top-three pop melody of “Queen,” a great name and an earworm refrain, and none of it issues, since the track is 55 seconds lengthy. She’s simply trolling us at this level.

15. ‘Come See About Me’

That is Nicki at her maximum sentimental, score a number of the highlights of “Queen” with a tune that is as evocative as The Supremes track that stocks its title, however significantly extra emo.

16. ‘Sir (feat. Long term)’

The all-star workforce of Minaj, Long term and manufacturer Metro Boomin might nonetheless now not be sufficient to show “Sir” into a success. Minaj and Long term are traveling in combination later this month, and whilst it’ll be handy for them to have a brand new tune to accomplish in combination, taking into account the entire hits of their respective discographies, “Sir” will simply look like an onstage waste of time.

17. ‘Miami’

Minaj sneaks Patti LaBelle and “Imply Women” references into her anthem for the 305, a track that’s nonetheless now not moderately as colourful as town that serves as its matter. Caught in opposition to the top of the album’s tracklist, “Miami” simply feels over the top at this level.

18. ‘Coco Chanel’ (feat. Cunning Brown)

Minaj and Cunning Brown didn’t come to play on “Coco Chanel,” alternately slipping into Spanish and patois as they ship just about 4 mins of ominous threats, a display of energy united by way of the 2 artists’ Caribbean roots and outer-borough New York upbringings. Listeners’ hobby is also flagging this some distance into the 19-track album, in particular after a run of less-than-noteworthy songs, however this powerhouse collaboration is helping redeem the second one part of “Queen” and sends the album to its shut on the next observe.

19. ‘Inspirations Outro’

An extension of “Coco Chanel” that borrows the former track’s beat, Minaj says farewell to “Queen” by way of honoring her heritage, shouting out a listing of reggae and dancehall greats prior to “marchin’ with Lauryn Hill to Zion” with a nod to the R&B legend.

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